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The Starrett Corporation recently created Starrett Development LLC to serve as a full service, ground up multi-family and mixed use developer.

Returning to the historical roots of the Starrett Corporation, Starrett Development LLC is charged with all development activities including the development of all the underutilized floor area in the Starrett Portfolio. Starrett Development LLC professionals will manage the entire development process including choosing and directing architectural and engineering professionals, sorting through thorny zoning issues with its legal team, site massing and design, construction means and methods, obtaining financing from governmental and non-governmental sources and the ultimate marketing of the units. Starrett Development will also control the construction process through a separate construction management operator.

Starrett Development will also seek additional development opportunities for its own account. In the multi family area we are actively seeking ground up sites, and office or warehouse conversions to either condos or rental apartments. We are also pursuing mixed use opportunities with a mixture of multi-family, retail, and office components.

For those real estate owners uncomfortable with the development process but who wish to retain an interest in their sites, Starrett Development will work in partnership or joint venture. For instance, Starrett Development is currently working with several owners who are either in the process of or have assembled sites, have existing office space for conversion to multi family or have extra floor area on their existing sites. Starrett Development will act as a full service developer/investor for these sites and allow the owners to share equitably in the profits of the development.